AOS1002 Dome Mini Speaker

Dome Mini Speaker
Product code: AOS1002
Product name: Dome Mini Speaker
Description: Works with all sound source with 3.5mm audio interface product like MP3 players, computers, mobile phones and CD players. USB powered. Built-in lithium battery with 3 hours working time. Rotatable housing. Speaker driver unit: 36mm. Battery capacity: 200mAh. Charging time: 2 hours. Subsequent charging time 2-4 hours. Packaging: Blister box. Dimension: 6.4cm(L) x 6.4cm(H) 5.7cm(W). Available colours: white, blue and red.
Material: APS
Packing: Carton Size: 40.5cm x 27.5cm x 41cm GW: 7.2kgs NW: 6.2kgs 50pcs per carton

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