LOR1000 – Hudson Travel Organizer

Hudson Travel Organizer
Product code: LOR1000
Product name: Hudson Travel Organizer
Description: Elegant travel organiser design with several pockets for your cards and documents. Has 2 SIM card slots. Packaging: OPP Bag + Non-woven + black top and bottom box. Dimension: Box – 12.5cm(L) x 23.7cm(H) x 2.8cm(W), Closed – 11.3cm(L) x 22.6cm(H) x 1.3cm(W), Opened – 22.8cm(L) x 22.6cm(H). Available colour: black.
Material: Second layer Genuine Leather (Chaoqiwen) + PVC (Shizhiwen)
Packing: Carton Size: 50.8cm x 45cm x 36cm GW: 17kgs NW: 16kgs 75pcs per carton

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